Introducing the Japanese-style fashion diagnostic tool “Judge Coordinate Diagnostic Tool”!


Fashion Diagnostic Tool “Judge Coordinate Diagnostic Tool” Released!

For those who want to refine their fashion sense and find their own unique style!

We are pleased to announce the release of the revolutionary diagnostic tool “Judge Coordinate Diagnostic Tool”.

Judge Coordinate Diagnostic Tool is a tool that analyzes your coordination.

Main functions

  • Coordination Diagnosis: Register your coordination photos and let the AI analyze them from an objective perspective.

Appeals of Judge Coordinate Diagnostic Tool

  • Objective Perspective: The AI analyzes from an objective perspective, allowing you to discover points that you may not have noticed on your own.
  • Improved Fashion Sense: By using Judge Coordinate Diagnostic Tool continuously, you can improve your fashion sense.
  • Learn while having fun: You can enjoy learning about fashion while having fun with a game-like feel.

Let’s refine your fashion sense and express your individuality with Judge Coordinate Diagnostic Tool!